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Hey folks,

I need a quote for extending a concrete driveway and constructing a footpath. The dimensions for the driveway extension are approximately 70' by 20', and the footpath is 25' by 4'. The project is in Darrington, WA, and I'm ready to proceed as soon as the weather permits.

Extend the driveway from the current pad to the street.

Include a 4-foot wide footpath from the new driveway to the front deck.

Ensure that the concrete pad has a thickness of 4-6 inches. Excavate the pad to a depth of at least 8-10 inches. Set up forms, lay down Visqueen, followed by gravel, and then rebar. Neil will be accountable for obtaining all necessary permits and scheduling inspections.

Front deck to be demolished and rebuilt utilizing existing per attached drawing to account for snow load. Deck design will follow same pattern as rear deck. Deck and railing material all to be provided by Neil.

Install a linear drain in front of the garage doors, directing it towards the backyard. Surround and fill the area around and beneath the drain with concrete to facilitate vehicles driving over it.

  • Excavate and level the entire property using a laser level, considering drainage requirements.
  • Identify the amount of extra dirt and discuss the plan with Neil and the team to determine its usage.
  • Level the entire property according to the discussed plan.
  • Add topsoil to achieve the desired finished product.
  • Neil will oversee the hydroseeding or manual planting of grass.
  • Install bark and shrubs in selected areas, with the specific locations to be determined.

Extend length of rear fence and Neil will obtain permission from neighbors to proceed.

Upon completion, deliver a beautifully finished landscape to Neil and the team for the Darrington project.


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